Iain Duncan Smith hands plan to alleviate the cost of lining crisis to the government

Sir Iain Duncan Smith hands the Government a costed plan to alleviate the cost of living crisis.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith says that the high cost of living in the UK could be fixed by cutting taxes and increasing benefits. As a result of the rising cost of living, the former Conservative Party leader has urged the Government to make significant fiscal policy adjustments. Mr Duncan Smith says that a recession could happen if the government doesn’t do something to

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Nancy Pelosi taking orders from Sinn Fein

Nancy Pelosi accused of following orders from Sinn Fein, described as “fundamentally ignorant” by a UK official.

Nancy Pelosi and top Biden Democrats have been called “fundamentally ignorant” regarding Northern Ireland by senior UK Government officials who think they are getting orders from Sinn Fein. The UK government is “frustrated” by Ms Pelosi’s new involvement from Washington DC and as a key advisor to the Biden administration. It follows a determined campaign by top Democrats to undermine the UK Government, including threats to obstruct a

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Ultra Remainer Keir Starmer attempts to meddle in NI Protocol talks as he holds discussions with Biden’s team.

Sir Keir Starmer has met with a group from the United States to negotiate a “working” agreement between the EU and the Northern Ireland Executive.  On Saturday, Keir Starmer met with a group from the House Ways and Means Committee headed by Representative Richard Neal. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments on a possible US-UK trade pact in the wake of

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EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Layen unhappy with Spain and Portugal after breaking ranks on electricity prices.

Portugal and Spain disobey EU regulations which has infuriated the French.

Following Spain and Portugal’s decision to freeze electricity rates, a Clash has arisen, with the deal being described as “a concrete disobedience of EU regulations.”  The European Commission approved an exemption to their regulations last month, allowing Spain and Portugal to split gas and electricity prices for the next 12 months. The decision comes as energy firms throughout the world

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Foreign secretary Liz truss to meet with top Democrat politicians

Top US Democrat politician meets Liz Truss, Former Tory MP slams Nancy Pelosi saying she “is bullying the British government.”

The foreign secretary will meet with a top Democrat later today, over government plans to scrap parts of the Northern Ireland protocol. It follows the US House Speaker’s warning that Congress won’t support a free trade deal with the UK if it discards the post Brexit agreement. Former conservative MP, Michael Brown, told GB news that Democrats are trying to appeal

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Hillary Clintons Former Campaign manager testifies in court

Hillary Clinton thrown under the bus as her former campaign manager testifies before the Court saying that she gave her approval to release unverified information to the press regarding Trump and Russia. 

Allegations of Russian collusion between Donald Trump and the Kremlin-backed Alfa Bank arose only weeks before the 2016 election. Today, we learned who signed off on the fraudulent, phoney, and deceptive material that was sent to the media, which reported it as fact.  Former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook threw former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton under the bus in

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