ANOTHER BLOW TO BRUSSELS – Poland hits back, with the Polish court rejecting EU supremacy ruling.

Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal has rejected the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) supremacy, dealing another blow to Brussels in the continuing rule of law dispute.

On Wednesday, Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal decided that the European Court of Human Rights had no authority to review the country’s judicial appointments, overturning a May verdict by Europe’s highest human rights court.

The Constitutional Tribunal, which detractors see as a politicised body, has already provoked a crisis in the European Union this year by determining that sections of the bloc’s treaties are incompatible with Poland’s constitution.

Despite being part of the Council of Europe and distinct from the European Union’s institutions, the ECHR is responsible for many of the EU’s fundamental principles. Therefore this is yet another setback for the union.

The head of the Polish Tribunal, Judge Julia Przylebska, said that “Article 6 of the Convention … as far as it includes the Constitutional Tribunal in its definition of a court, is not compatible” with the Polish constitution.