Priti Patel sidesteps childish Macron and meets with the Dutch migration minister to tackle the Channel migrant crisis.

After France threw a hissy fit over the publication of a letter that was sent to President Macron then published on Twitter by Boris for clarity, the UK Home Secretary yesterday instead met with the Dutch migration minister.

This sidestep from Priti Patel was after childish French President Macron banned the UK Home Secretary from being involved in a meeting to tackle the current migrant crisis which has seen 27 migrants drown in the Channel after they headed to Britain illegally.

During the meeting with the Dutch minister, both sides agreed to work together to tackle the human trafficking gangs with whatever tools and resources are available.

The Home Office statement read: “They agreed that the tragic incidents of last week demonstrate the need for European partners to work together. It was clear that shared problems needed shared solutions.”

“The Home Secretary then expressed that it was unfortunate that she wouldn’t be present at today’s meeting of interior ministers in Calais to discuss this issue.”

“The Home Secretary and minister for migration discussed ideas for enhanced bilateral and EU co-operation.” “This includes the need to tackle the criminal gangs that are orchestrating these deadly journeys through shared intelligence and joint law enforcement initiatives.”

“Both agreed that returns agreements are essential for breaking the criminal business model.”