French Interior Minister claims migrants had threatened to dump infants and the elderly in the Channel if they were apprehended at sea.

The French interior minister stated that some migrants were resorting to blackmail and had threatened to dump their infants into the ocean if authorities apprehended them at sea four days after the Channel catastrophe that cost the lives of 27 migrants. The words have “shocked” aid organisations in northern France.

On November 28, Gérald Darmanin was in Calais to provide an update on the Channel shipwreck disaster.

At a press conference, he claimed that some migrants had blackmailed them by threatening to kill their babies or push “old people” into the sea if French police officers intervened to stop them from crossing the English Channel..

“In a picture that I saw published in the English newspapers, you see French policemen who see a boat leaving […].” This reportedly lead some British politicians “to ask: ‘But what are the French policemen doing?’ What we do not see in this photo was that the migrants in the boat were using babies and threatening to throw them into water right beside an engine, if [the French police] came to question them […]”

“As Minister of the Interior, I repeat, the order is not to intervene. We cannot endanger the lives of children and elderly people who are sometimes thrown into the sea. This is something that the French police have unfortunately had to observe for many years […]”