‘Putin’s useful idiots!’ Guy Verhofstdat lashes out after Marie Le Pen meets with Viktor Orban.

The leader of the French National Rally is in Poland to meet with Viktor Orban and 13 other conservative and right-wing politicians from across the EU to form a new eurosceptic alliance.

Ms Le Pen shared a photo of herself with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Twitter, writing:

“In Warsaw, where many representatives of sovereignist parties are meeting today, I was able to talk again with Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary.”

The tweet prompted fury from Belgian MEP and Eurocrat Guy Verhofstadt who said:

“Putin’s useful idiots gather in Warsaw… selling EU sovereignty to the highest bidder.”

As LePen is a major threat to Macrons Presidency, French Europe Minister Clement Beaune also lashed out telling French TV 5 Monde:

“Ask Marine Le Pen if her model is Hungary or Poland.

“She spent years trying to make people believe that she was demonised, today she will ally herself with people who are pushing back rights in Europe.”

These reactions from the Pro EU globalists proves that Le Pen is a clear threat to their grip on power.