RELATIONS BETWEEN LABOURS DEPUTY AND LEADER IS ON THE ROCKS: Rayner is fuming after Starmer suspends her key aide without her knowing.

Reports suggest all isnt well in the Labour top ranks after Keir Starmer suspend Deputy Leader Angela Rayner’s top aide from the party, placing him under investigation. 

With the Deputy’s key aide now out of the picture tensions have been heightened between the Labour leader and his deputy.

Allegedly Angela Rayner wasn’t made aware that her head of communications had been suspended on Friday. Its said the deputy leader isnt happy after this sheer disregard of communication between the two. 

The report in the Sunday Times said that Mr McKenna was put under investigation after being suspended for an alleged data Breach to the press which they suspect he caused. 

Though Mr McKenna was suspended from the party, a Labour source was reported to have said this investigation doesn’t mean he is guilty of whats been alleged. Allies of McKenna have states there isnt any evidence that he leaked reports to the press and should be reinstated.