Roman Abramovich acts as peace negotiator between Russia’s Putin, US Biden, and Ukraines Zelensky.

It’s being reported by multiple news sources that Roman Abramovich is acting as a peace negotiator between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It was widely reported that the former Chelsea FC owner had travelled to Poland on a smart train after meeting President Zelensky in Ukraine. Roman is thought to have used his Portuguese passport to get around restrictions when he was travelling between Ukraine and Poland.

Confirming these reports, local journalist Jakob Stachowiak from broadcaster TVN stated: “Yesterday he came to Poland in secret from Ukraine by the smart train.”

“Interestingly, he used a Portuguese passport. Perhaps there will be an informal meeting with the president. Has Putin sent a billionaire?”

He added: “The oligarch got to Poland from the territory of Ukraine, where he was allegedly talking to President Volodymir Zelensky.”

The Ukrainian President is said to have told Biden not to put sanctions on Russia, saying that he could be an important “intermediary” in peace talks with Russia.

Yesterday, a spokesman from the Russian side confirmed that Abramovich had attended the first round of talks between the two sides in Belarus. In typical inflammatory style, Biden labelled Putin a “war criminal” before the peace talk meeting, yet Biden, under previous administrations, could also be claimed to be a war criminal himself.

Let’s hope peace is brokered between the two sides even though some of the world’s elite seem to be thriving and making lots of money from people’s suffering.