We will not ”destroy ourselves for them” Hungarian PM Viktor Orban reacts after Ukrainian President Zelensky accuses him of being to close to President Putin.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban retaliates against actor and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after being accused of being too close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Thursday night, after a meeting between Ukraine’s President and the EU’s 27 heads of state, Zelensky congratulated the EU for its efforts to sanction Russia, but said it was too little, too late to deter Putin from invading Ukraine.

Soon after, Zelensky singled out Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for keeping a calm and civil relationship with Putin. “Listen, Viktor, do you know what’s going on in Mariupol?” the Ukrainian leader asked. “ Please, if you can, go to your waterfront. Look at those shoes.

“And you will see how mass killings can happen again in today’s world. And that’s what Russia is doing today.

“And you hesitate whether to impose sanctions or not?

“And you hesitate whether to let weapons through or not?

“And you hesitate whether to trade with Russia or not? It’s time to decide already. We believe in you.”

Orban retaliated on national radio in Hungary after these statements were said. “I’m a lawyer, I come from there, I live with the knowledge that I’ve gathered in the world of law,” the PM stated in Hungarian.

“And an actor lives and works with the knowledge he has acquired as an actor.”

“We will do all we can do, but they cannot ask us to destroy ourselves for them.”