When questioned, “so a woman can have a penis?” on LBC, a startled Keir Starmer was at a loss for words. 

Labour leader Keir Starmer was asked about trans people partaking in biological women’s sports during an appearance on LBC. A caller inquired about his thoughts on guys claiming to be women playing in professional women’s sports. 

Knowing that this is a contentious issue on the left, Keir Starmer indicated that it was up to sporting bodies, not him, to decide on regulations in sports. This was a blatant diversion from the original question. 

Nick Ferrari, a host on LBC, then put the leftist leader on the spot by asking a straight question that he couldn’t avoid: “so a woman can have a penis?” 

This question stunned Starmer and left him speechless; his cheeks flushed, he hesitated to answer such a simple question since he knew the left would lash out at him.