David Frost has told British government officials not to get “sucked in” by the EU’s growing defence industrial agenda.

As he put out his views on the UK’s future relationship with the EU following its withdrawal from the union, the former Brexit minister cautioned that Brussels’ plan would not “suit UK armed forces or UK taxpayers.”

Many in Whitehall, according to Lord David Frost, would welcome tighter defence connections with the EU in order to gain “influence.”

In a tweet, Lord Frost wrote: “UK ministers need to watch carefully the distinction between foreign policy cooperation &getting sucked into the EU’s emerging defence industrial strategy.”

“Many in Whitehall will want to join to get ‘influence’. But it won’t necessarily suit UK armed forces or UK taxpayers.”

After Russia and Ukraine got into a conflict, the Director of Chatham House said that the UK should get to know its European Union allies.

Rebuilding ties with Brussels, especially the EU’s plans for defense, was one of his main suggestions.

He warned that if the UK does not improve its defence industry and technology cooperation, it will be “excluded from deeper defence industrial and technological cooperation.”

Speaking to the Guardian, Dr Niblett said: “The risk otherwise is that the UK could find itself excluded from deeper defence industrial and technological cooperation within the EU.”

“A more specific UK–EU dialogue on security could also emerge from the Russia–Ukraine crisis.”

“That could include the establishment of a sanctions review group that would ensure alignment on the timing and targets of sanctions, as well as conditions for their lifting.”