Lying Labour exposed – Dan Wootton rips to shreds the lefts latest ploy to bring down Boris Johnson with deceptive propaganda.

With the Labour Party’s poll numbers plummeting after a false high, the left is now attempting to topple Boris Johnson via deceptive propaganda. 

This sudden campaign by the left, backed by the mainstream media, seems to be a calculated attempt to smear conservatives ahead of the May elections. It makes you question what the Labour Party’s own internal polling shows, in order for them to employ phoney information as a weapon against Boris. 

During Tuesday night’s GB News Dan Wootton show, the presenter spent over 5 minutes debunking the newest leftist ruse to bring down the government. According to them, at a NATO leaders’ meeting, Boris Johnson was left alone and rejected by the other leaders. 

The press utilised a video clip of Boris waiting for Joe Biden to arrive. Boris was met with handshakes and embraces by other leaders, but the media never broadcast the before and after footage of that clip. 

The plan to bring Boris down is simple: make him seem weak and alone in the hopes that people will turn to Labour. The problem is that Labour is more despised than the Conservatives, and the public is well aware of their current deceitful ploy. Whether you like or dislike Boris, one thing I believe people can’t tolerate is other politicians who lie to bring down a current leader.