Nigel Farage slams the Tory woke warriors who are assisting the left to destroy what is defined as male and female.

Last night, Nigel Farage accused the woke warriors in the Labour and Tory parties of rebranding the term “Woman” to include those who feel like they are a woman in a man’s body.

Nigel stated in frank terms that due to this nonsense of destroying what is a woman and what is a man, those pushing this agenda seem to be “losing their marbles”.

This rant came after a hospital in the North West started asking men if they were pregnant before they had X-rays or scans. Nigel stated that why should the vast majority have these changes thrown upon them to satisfy an agenda that is being pushed by the woke mob?

Mr Farage stated quite rightly that those Tory woke worriers will say anything during the run-up to the May elections while continuing their destructive woke agenda with the left after they take your vote.