Fake dossier exposed – Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the DMC fined $113,000.

The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign have been fined $113,000 for concealing funds that were used to generate the phoney Russian collusion Steele dossier that was used to target Donald Trump. 

After records exposed the full scope of the collaboration of the money donated to various bodies and firms to attack Trump’s campaign with fabricated charges of Russian involvement in 2016, this so-called administrative mistake was discovered. 

According to records provided to the Coolidge Reagan Foundation, the Clinton campaign engaged Perkins Coie, which subsequently recruited Fusion GPS, a business that specialises in intelligence and research. Their goal seems to have been to fabricate stories based on a fictitious dossier of allegations with no supporting evidence in order to smear Donald Trump before and after he won the presidential election. 

With all of this now known, Hillary and her team were exposed after attempting to conceal the money trail by classifying the funds used to construct the false dossier as “legal services.” 

“By intentionally obscuring their payments through Perkins Coie and failing to publicly disclose the true purpose of those payments,” Hillary and her DNC cronies “were able to avoid publicly reporting on their statutorily required FEC disclosure forms the fact that they were paying Fusion GPS to perform opposition research on Trump with the intent of influencing the outcome of the 2016 presidential election,” according to the original complaint. 

Hillary Clinton and her team first denied the allegations, but later accepted the charge, claiming that they were agreeing to the amount to avoid additional litigation expenditures ( stop lawsuit action) 

The DMC was fined $108,000 and the Hillary Clinton campaign was fined $8000. 

Though briefings on what happened have been made public, the complete records that revealed the heinous wrongdoing are still being hidden from the public. The records will be provided 30 days after both parties have been informed of the enforcement action, according to an FEC spokesman. 

The DMC and the Clintons financed the dossier, which was compiled by former British intelligence officer (spy) Christopher Steele. This phoney dossier was then handed over to the FBI, whose director did all he could to make the dossier stick in order to get warrants to investigate Trump and his associates. 

This evidentiary revelation of the paper trail will most likely be used to pursue the Clintons in the latest civil RICO lawsuit filed by Donald J Trump. 

The Washington Examiner was the first to report on the letter.