Pro-EU advocate found out to be a hypocrite after slamming the UK for doing trade deal post Brexit with tyrant states.

After condemning the UK for pursuing trade agreements with tyrant nations throughout the globe since leaving the EU, a Remain Campaigner still has a bee in her bonnet. 

While being questioned on BBC Newsnight, Naomi Smith, the CEO of the pro-EU remainer organisation ‘Best for Britain,’ made this statement. 

“I don’t think anybody hoped that Global Britain translated as deals with despots and trade with tyrants,” Naomi said to Newsnight anchor Kirsty Wark. 

“If we were part of the single market, part of that big bloc, we would have a negotiating power to hold some of these countries to account and the deals that we sign that we don’t have as a much smaller independent country.”

What Naomi, a pro-EU advocate, failed to mention is that the EU has attempted to negotiate a trade agreement with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Anyone who has an opposing viewpoint to the Chinese government is sent to concentration camps to be re-educated by the CCP. 

When the EU negotiated a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) with the communist regime in 2020, they reached an agreement in principle. 

The EU also buys gas and oil from Russia, which has treated its own people with disdain. While the United Kingdom relies on up to 6% of its gas from Russia, certain EU countries, such as Germany, depend on Russia for upto 70% of their gas. While Russia is at war with Ukraine, Germany, in return for gas is now sending money into Russian coffers. 

If this pro-EU advocate wants to attack Britain, Naomi could at least be open about the EU’s relationships with tyrant regimes.