According to a loony “just stop oil” activists, We’re all going to die if we don’t stop using oil. 

As we enter into a massive cost of living crisis with fuel bills spiralling out of control, an activist group, “Just stop oil” has today stated that we are all going to die if we do not stop using fossil fuels.

Halfway through the interview, the activist decided to break down in tears as she confesses she is physically terrified of the future if we do not stop using oil. 

These activists seem to be numb to the fact that to make more wind turbines, which these activists are pushing for, we still need fuel to build them as they don’t just miraculously appear out of thin air.

If we don’t have oil and gas and we don’t have things in place to take over from the current fuel options, how are we meant to survive as a country and how is our economy meant to run?