HYPOCRITE – Labours Miliband states hell fight to introduce a windfall tax on energy firms to help with price hikes, yet he wants to keep the green levy?

Ed Miliband tells us the government had a choice to help people with rising energy costs, yet chose not to. Ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband also said that he and his party will keep fighting to put a windfall tax on energy companies and use the money to cut bills by a fraction.

On Twitter, Ed Miliband said: “The rise in energy bills goes to the heart of who this country is run for: working people or powerful vested interests. The Conservatives oppose a windfall tax because they are not on people’s side. We will not give up the fight.”

Though the lefty politician uses words like “windfall tax” to make themselves seem relevant, he, along with the rest of parliament, implemented a green tax on your bills that some say costs us as much as 25% of the total bill, yet, they (Labour) have not fought to get that green levy removed because they still want to push ahead with their harmful green agenda.

The words put out by the Labour Party are nothing more than a staged attempt at comforting you to try and run off with your vote.