EU left vulnerable after Putin threatens to switch off the bloc’s gas supply unless Brussels pay in Ruble.

As the EU continues to purchase gas from Russia, the union has never been more exposed to a state at war. 

The EU obtains around 40% of its gas from Russia, and despite their efforts to find alternate nations to purchase their gas from, they continue to be unsuccessful since prices are either too expensive or supply isn’t fast enough to meet demand. The direct gas route from Russia to the EU seems too handy. 

With some media claiming Putin is on the defensive, when you look at the entire picture, including the hyperbole of words from EU members, it is Brussels that is flapping because it is so vulnerable. 

Only a few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that all oil imports from hostile western countries would be paid in rubles; this was categorically rejected by Brussels and other nations, but what alternative does the EU have?

“They need to create rouble accounts in Russian banks to purchase Russian gas,” Putin stated. 

Starting April 1, gas will be paid for from such accounts. “If such payments are not made, we will consider this a failure by the customer to comply with its duties.” 

They could manufacture gas themselves, which would require them to abandon their green agenda, but as we all know, their green agenda is king.

Caving in to Russia’s demands and continuing to purchase gas in rubles seems to be their only alternative.