“I don’t think I’ll be alive for Christmas,” says an elderly British veteran who has been left in the cold.

With energy prices rocketing through the roof, and some bills more than doubling in price, people are having to choose between heating or eating. 

The elderly seem to be the most severely impacted, suffering as a consequence of this government’s and previous governments’ energy policy decisions.

Former British soldier George Ford, who suffers from “COPD heart problems,” was featured in a story by GB News. Mr Ford explains why he does not believe he will “be alive for Christmas.”


The veteran told us he can’t afford electricity, so he sits in the dark with a flask, wearing a hat, coat, gloves, and scarf. Though he’s going through this extreme hardship, he still finds the energy to volunteer at the local food bank to help others.

The Former British solider says he refuses to accept food for himself from the food bank because he sees so many families and pensioners in the same position. “I’ll be honest, I just feel like dying,” he said.