“Absolutely…” We need to keep to the plan for Net Zero regardless of the hardship claims Labour MP.

Labour were exposed this morning after admitting that regardless of the hardship that some people are going through regarding energy costs, the plan for net zero needs to be kept.

Labour’s shadow business secretary was asked: “Do you think the priority should be achieving net zero as opposed to bringing bills down?”

The Labour MP said “absolutely… there is no point in this country having an ambitious climate strategy if we’re not going to stick to it.”

It looks like Labour is offering a false hand of help when it comes to the long-term security of U.K. energy. It’s all well and good to push a short-term windfall tax, but if that’s their short-term plan to win votes and the green agenda is their long-term plan, we will be in this situation for many years to come.

Both Labour and the Conservatives are adamant that we need to keep to their dire plan for net zero regardless of the fall in living standards of those in Britain.