Energy emergency – Boris Johnson pushes to give the green light to fracking in Britain this week.

As Boris Johnson comes under immense pressure to get a handle on Britain’s energy security, the cabinet is said to be split on the plan going forward.

Later this week, Boris is said to be releasing his plans for Britain’s energy security. He is said to be giving the green light to fracking and coal mining in step with using North Sea oil and gas reserves.

Though this announcement is pencilled in for this week, there could be a slight delay after the Sunday Express said that they were told by a senior from Downing Street: “There is a massively split Cabinet on this issue. Unsure of the direction of travel, a solution must be found this week.”

After previously being totally against fracking for gas in the UK, the current situation with Russia seems to have changed the PM’s mind-set towards Britain’s urgent energy needs.

Many Tory backbenchers have been lobbying the government to use the £1 trillion of oil and gas reserves in the North Sea and from fracking in strategic places in the UK.

With the wheels now supposedly in motion to act on the energy crisis hitting the UK, it seems that Boris has acknowledged the urgency that faces the people.

An industry chief has backed the PM ideas . Deirdre Michie, chief executive of Offshore Energies UK said: “Our industry has provided the UK with secure, safe energy for the past five decades, and we can do the same for another five decades, while also helping the nation reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

“This will only happen with careful planning, preparation and investment.

“Energy infrastructure projects take years or even decades, and our industry is used to thinking on those timescales.”

Brexiteers MP Andrew Bridgen said: “We have got to use our fossil fuels to buy us time to go to Net Zero.

“We have 50 years of supply of gas which we can sell to Europe so they are less reliant on Russia. It gives us the 10 years needed to build a modular nuclear power supply.”