While Labour bash the government over energy costs, their record regarding securing Britains energy is shocking.

As Labour blame the government of the day regarding the cost of energy going through the roof, they are quick to forget that it was they that voted against more investment in North Sea oil extraction.

During today’s interview with Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary on the Sophy Ridge show, the Labour Front Bencher was put under the spotlight after Labour’s record showed they refused to back further development of the Cambo oil fields, which would have seen more oil and gas being extracted, meaning lower costs and less reliance on foreign countries for energy.

Ms Ridge said: “Something that could have an impact on the short-term is looking at the supply of oil and gas as well.

“Was it the right decision by the North Sea Transition Agency to look at this two-year extension to Cambo oil field licence?”

The Labour frontbencher said: “Domestic gas and oil from the North Sea is half our domestic supply at the minute, and that should continue.

“No one questions that strategy. The longer-term extraction picture for all fossil fuels around the world has to be governed by…”

Ms Ridge then intervened to highlight: “You say that but at the same time Labour has previously opposed the development of the Cambo oil field.

“And you’re talking about a windfall tax in the North Sea as well.

“If you were looking at this, you might think Labour actually isn’t that happy about the idea of using oil and gas in the short term.”