Lefties kick off after Boris keeps tight-lipped on his new immigration processing outsourcing plan.

Boris Johnson seems to be chomping at the bit to reveal his new immigration processing outsourcing plan. Despite the fact that the plans have not been publicly revealed, sources imply that migrants who enter the UK unlawfully may be transported to Rwanda to process their asylum applications.

The UK would pay for migrants to be flown to the African country for processing and settlement under the rumoured plans, which have ruffled Tory feathers.

After worries were expressed that not everything was in place for such an announcement, several Tory backbenchers pushed Boris to hold off on announcing the plans.

“He wanted to go ahead with it, but it’s just not ready,” a source told the Times. ” It’s close, but there are still a lot of things in the balance.”

With no confirmation of the location for processing refugees, several left-wing lawmakers have started digging to try to get ahead of the plans and disrupt them.

Susan Williams, the Minister for Home Affairs, was questioned about the processing centres’ final destination during a debate in the House of Lords yesterday, April 4th.

Because the government has remained tight-lipped about the plans, Baroness Williams offered a generic response: “All I can say at this point is that the Government is talking to a range of partners.”
“I am sure that Parliament will be fully informed when any of those discussions are concluded.” 

Boris has already sparked outrage, with one journalists labelling him a hypocrite. Ian Birrell, a journalist, called the PM’s plan “grotesque.” 

“Boris Johnson wants to ‘outsource’ asylum seekers to Rwanda, a dictatorship that has created vast numbers of refugees in neighbouring countries with aggression,” Ian remarked on Twitter.

“Given the government’s stance on Putin, the hypocrisy is simply disgusting.”