“Revenge” for “coverage of Brexit” – Government to sell-off pro-EU Channel 4.

Though the decision to sell Channel 4 was widely praised, Julian Knight, a Tory backbencher and head of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said the move was motivated by retaliation for their coverage of Boris Johnson and Brexit. 

It was no secret that the previously publicly owned Broadcaster’s bias coverage before to and after Brexit was plainly one-sided and agenda driven. 

Mr Knight reacted to the decision by saying, “Elephant in the room time – is this being done for revenge for Channel 4’s biased coverage of the likes of Brexit and personal attacks on the PM?

“The timing of the announcement 7pm, coinciding with Channel 4 news, was very telling.

“Undoubtedly, across much of the party – there is a feeling of payback time and the word privatisation tickles the ivories of many.

“The money is irrelevant – equivalent to four days’ national debt interest – so it must be used to support skills in creative sectors.”

While it may seem that Mr Knight is disapproving of the sell-off, he also said that the move would provide the broadcaster “greater freedom” to do what they want. 

He said: “Channel 4 will have greater freedom to compete once privatised and if managed well it should be able to continue to innovate and crucially appeal to young audiences – a real unique selling point in today’s broadcast landscape.”

“Privatisation – even for some wrong reasons – can work for C4 but must be part of a thorough overhaul of all public service broadcasting.”

Despite Channel 4’s dissatisfaction with the government’s decision to sell it off, it was a decision taken by the governments, and their decision is definitive. 

Alex Mahon, the channel’s top executive, said in an email to colleagues on Monday that now that the sale is complete, his focus is to “look after all of you and the wonderful Channel 4 spirit”.