Mike Graham clashes with lefty journalist who claims ”defining a woman” is a complicated question to answer.

This morning on Talk radio left leaning journalist John Rentoul claimed that it is a difficult question to answer when asked “define what a woman is.”

The clash between Mike Graham and John Rentoul happened this morning on Talk Radio when they were discussing what Keir Starmer has done to woo voters as we head toward May’s local elections. 

Mike Graham didn’t hold back by saying that Keir Starmers lawyer manoeuvring on not answering a simple question on “define what a woman is” has struck a cord with the electorate and has damaged Labours brand as an anti woman party. 

John Rentoul said the labour leader is not “a politician that gives a politician answer” to which Mike Graham butted in to say “how about a straight answer, that is why people hate lawyers because they cant give a straight answer.”

John then intervened regarding the question on defining what a woman is saying “these things are complicated” to which Mike Graham hit the nail on the head saying: “come on John, defining what a woman is is not complicated, it really isn’t”

“Its an adult human female”

This controversy started by the left in there attempt to say men can be biological women if they have an operation is some what denying the reality of the existence of women. This move by the left has angered so many women that labour now seen as a none political option where women and their rights can be protected.