Woke ‘Bonkers’ council ban daffodils in case people eat them.

As the wokerarti takes hold of society, so do crazy ideas. This “bonkers” mindset has recently raised its ugly head in St Blaise Council in Cornwall, where they are going to ban daffodils just in case people eat them.

This local town council, which has a majority of Conservative councillors, has said they are doing this for so-called health and safety reasons, in case children eat the bulbs.

This “bonkers” council has said they are not going to be planting new daffodil bulbs this year after they took a new health and safety training course.

To top things off, thousands of daffodils have since been uprooted in the town. The council have denied they had anything to do with this.

The Chairman of the Roselyon Residents Group Committee, Barry West, has stated that this move by the council is the most “preposterous” thing he has heard in the last 60 years. It is totally “bonkers.”

According to the Daily Mail, Mr West said: “Are they going to put signs up saying don’t eat the daffodils next? This is totally bonkers. There have always been daffs in the park.”

“It used to be an old orchard and there must have been about 1,000 flowers. Most of them have now been cut down.”

“And to say that it’s because they are toxic to children if they eat them is crazy.”

“It is uplifting and good for the mental health and well-being of the community, the elderly, the infirm, families, carers, and children who enjoy the splash of colour and fragrance.”

“The true beauty of flowers is that they can help us create deep connections, strengthening bonds with nature, family, friends, and the community spaces and people around us.”

“All over Cornwall this year has been ablaze with the golden yellow from daffodils that brings warmth and a smile to all that see.”