GOP Lawmaker claims Joe Biden cognitive health may be used as an excuse to clear him from Hunter Bidens alleged dealings with foreign nations.

Last night, Republican legislator Tim Burchett of Tennessee accused Joe Biden of lying about his son’s business contacts in Ukraine, Russia, and China. This story concerning Hunter Biden surfaced soon before the US Presidential election, prompting the social media giants, as well as the tightly controlled mainstream media press pool, to declare it “FAKE NEWS.”

At the time, social media companies blocked anybody who shared an article from the New York Post claiming the “laptop from hell” was genuine from using their platforms. (After sharing the post, we were banned from Facebook for a year.)

Hunter Biden is presently residing in Malibu, California, in a $20,000-a-month luxurious pad with a neighbouring property that costs the US taxpayer $30,000 per month to house the Secret Service.

Hunter Biden went into hiding when the mainstream media tried to get ahead of allegations of money laundering and dubious dealings in other countries.

The MSM made this u-turn because they were anticipating what was to come, according to sources who claim Hunter Biden is on the brink of being indicted.

According to reports, some of the photographs discovered on Hunter’s laptop were of young children. Hunter Biden was seen with prostitutes and doing drugs, according to images from the laptop that were posted and swiftly censored on social media.

Joe Biden may claim bad health if the lawsuit against Hunter Biden reveals Joe Biden was also engaged in his activities, according to Republican Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett.