“Remainers are regrouping” – Lord Frost warns of “Ultra-Remainers” plot to use Northern Ireland Protocol to pull Britain closer to the EU.

A warning shot has been fired by Lord Frost claiming that “ultra-Remainers” are looking to weaponise the Northern Ireland Protocol to pull Britain closer to the EU. Writing in the Telegraph Lord Frost stated: “On the fringes of politics the unreconciled Remainers are regrouping.

“The #brexitshambles hashtag is seen once again on Twitter.

“Andrew Adonis’s European Movement says that ‘Brexit has failed. We were lied to. It’s time to rethink’.

Writing in the Telegraph

“Nick Macpherson, the former permanent secretary at the Treasury, says ‘the effect on growth from Brexit is tangible’.

“Lord Barwell, the former Downing Street chief of staff, is even trying to rehabilitate his and Theresa May’s terrible backstop deal from 2019.”

Lord Frost then turned his sights on the pro-EU Labour leader Keir Starmer: “Sir Keir Starmer can see that getting too close to any of these people will make him about as welcome in the Red Wall as Vladimir Putin in downtown Kyiv.

“Nevertheless he can’t ignore his supporters and therefore has to say that ‘a poorly thought-through Brexit is holding Britain back’.”

He added: “Of course there is little chance of a serious ‘rejoin’ campaign developing in the short term.

“Remainer Jacobitism in support of Ursula von der Leyen as the queen over the water is just too unpopular.

“The leaders of the pro-EU cause recognise that themselves.

“Instead, their aim is to keep us aligned with the EU, often using the Northern Ireland Protocol as a weapon.

“They know that if the UK doesn’t diverge much from EU law, it will be much easier to take us back in later if events work in their favour.”