Viktor Orban rebels against the EU’s plan to cut off Russian gas supplies to the bloc stating it would “Kill Hungary”.

After Hungarian President Viktor Orban won his election by a massive landslide, he now has the mandate to go against the EU.Today, Mr Orban broke ranks with the EU group think, leading a major rebellion against new EU sanctions that are being placed on Russia. Mr Orban is the first country in the EU to accept to Russian demands to pay in Rubles for gas.

During his election campaign, he made it totally clear to his voters that stopping gas supplies from Russia to Hungary was a major “Red Line” and that he would fight against such devastating sanctions as it would “Kill Hungary”.

With Viktor standing up for his country, many in the EU have started to label him a Putin supporter. It seems the opposite is true, Mr Orban is standing by his election promises regarding energy security, which was part of his manifesto that won him the vote.

The media would make you think that Hungary is the only country concerned about the move to cut off gas supplies from Russia. Austria, Italy, and the Netherlands have all expressed fear about such a move, saying it would be devastating for energy security and their economies.

Speaking to the Express, Hungary’s Secretary of State for international communications, Zoltan Kovacs, stated that stopping gas from Russia “is a red line for us.

“As a matter of fact, we see so many words and claims out there, which try to suggest that this is possible.

“But everybody knows that what they are suggesting by embargo and sanction policies regarding energy cannot be done.

“In the case of Hungary, that would mean an immediate collapse of the Hungarian economy, basically, and certainly would endanger the Hungarian population.”

However, the EU’s drumbeat to rid of gas supplies from Russia is so loud that Germany’s government has announced it is prepared to ration gas to bring in sanctions against Putin, but how popular this idea is in Germany remains to be seen.