“We can’t reverse Brexit” Keir Starmer clashes with Lefty radio presenter.

Keir Starmer once again seems to be in battle with those on the left after pro-EU remainer and LBC radio presenter James O’Brien asked Sir Keir Starmer when he was going to speak out on Brexit.

Mr O’Brien, who loves the EU superstate, asked Sir Keir, “You don’t go near figures on the impact has had on our trade or today on the report from the select committee that labour shortages across the food and farming industry could be threatening our food security.

“The select committee attributes that to Brexit.


“You’ll also have seen the global numbers showing that we’re the only country in the world that isn’t going enjoying a bounceback in trade which can only really be as a consequence of Brexit.

“And yet you as Labour leader still won’t go near the reality of what Boris Johnson’s Brexit has done to our economy, why is that?”

Sir Keir responded to the condescending radio presenter: “We can’t reverse Brexit. There’s no case for rejoining the EU.

“All this government has done – it is the thinnest of deals, they said they can ‘get Brexit done’ and they thought that was it- job done.

“It’s not. We’ve got to make Brexit work and that means we need to deal with these gaps and these problems.

“We can’t go on with these labour shortages, with businesses struggling, we need to make Brexit work.

“So, there’s no case for rejoining the EU, but we’ve got to make Brexit work.

“The Government thought the slogan would do it and that was enough. That’s obviously not enough.”

Mr know it all O’Brien then attempted to school the Labour leader: “Can you foresee a moment where you might actually mention in PMQs that Brexit is having a negative impact on all of the areas of British life that politicians are supposed to be most concerned about?”

The Labour leader attempted to butter-up the lefty presenter, saying: “Yes, we’re going to ramp up our criticism across the board in relation to the government because this all goes to the central question of the growth of the economy.

“The last 12 years have been absolutely appalling.”

With an election coming up, people (Voters) still seem to wonder what Labour actually stands for.