ANGRY CLASH – Bulgarian MEP storms off after Irish MEP states “the answer to war isn’t more war, it’s peace”

Yesterday, heated words were exchanged in the European Parliament between Irish MEP Clare Daly and Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki.

Just before the Bulgarian MEP stormed off in a rage, the Irish MEP stated, “the answer to war isn’t more war, it’s peace,” to which the Bulgarian MEP exploded in a rage, waving his arms, pointing to the chairlady to cut Clare off from speaking.

On Twitter, the video was posted by Clare Daly showing the heated exchange between the two MEPs.

The video was accompanied by her words, saying: “WAR IS PEACE? Blanket calls for more arms, more sanctions, more destruction are unweaving any chance at ending this war. MEP Angel Dzhambazki, fined one day prior for performing a nazi salute in the parliament, questions the morality of anti-war politics. Not in my books…