With the French election approaching, Marine Le Pen has taken an early lead in the most recent election poll.

In a major setback for French President Emmanuel Macron, his political opponent, Marine Le Pen, has surpassed him in the latest election polls.Pen,

This demonstrates that his popularity is plummeting, which is unsurprising given his harsh leadership during the pandemic, which resulted in massive statewide demonstrations in towns throughout France.

According to the most recent Atlas Politico survey, Marine Le Pen is the front-runner, with Macron following closely behind.

In reaction to this poll, political broadcaster Andrew Neil stated on Twitter: “Latest poll in notional second-round run off for French president: Le Pen 50.5% Macron 49.5% Gulp.

“Caveat 1: it’s by Atlas Politico, Brazilian pollster. But they did well in US 2020 election Caveat 2: Could be rogue poll But: Gulp nevertheless”.

As the French election approaches, polls show a remarkable increase in support for Marine Le Pen. Macron’s popularity has begun to plummet, which has alarmed members of the EU’s elite.

While Macron has been doing very little political campaigning and hasn’t attended many political debates, LePen has seen a significant surge in popularity as a result of her tireless on-the-ground campaigning and proposals to address bread-and-butter concerns.

Marine Le Pen’s campaign has been mostly ignored by the mainstream media; instead, knowledge of her rallies has spread via social media and local media.