Boris states that his brush with COVID didn’t taint his decision-making during the pandemic.  

Boris Johnson revealed on GB News today how he became seriously ill with COVID 19. The PM was reluctant to speak into depth about what happened and how he felt at first, but he eventually did.

Boris hasn’t said much about his experience with COVID, but he did mention the two NHS nurses who saved his life and helped him maintain his oxygen levels when they dropped when he was admitted to the hospital.

Anyone who has experienced COVID “can tell you today, it can be pretty debilitating, it does put you flat on your back, thats what happened to me,” Boris said.

Boris claimed that all he could think about while in hospital was getting back to work and helping the nation get over the pandemic, but he realised he had no choice but to isolate and recover.

Boris was then asked whether his COVID experience influenced his decisions on lockdowns and restrictions during the epidemic.

“This has been a line of thought, an inquiry by people,” Boris said. “ People said ‘well did my own personal experience of having a bad brush with COVID make me more risk averse?’ which is one way people have characterised the question, and i really think the answer to that is no.”