German Chancellor put on the spot after being questioned on the EU’s continued reliance on buying Russian gas.

Olaf Scholz was questioned about Germany’s continued support for Vladimir Putin’s war machine.

Germany has committed to ceasing its reliance on Russian gas after Ukraine’s invasion in February 2022. After warnings that the money was being used to finance Vladimir Putin’s military activities, Chancellor Olaf Scholz was uncomfortably challenged in London. 

Mr Scholz emphasised that due to Berlin’s long-standing ties with Moscow, it would take time to phase out Russian gas.

He reaffirmed his commitment to aiding Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky in his anti-Russian campaign.

During a news conference with Boris Johnson, BBC reporter Nick Eardley asked the Chancellor: “How do you defend the fact that the European Union sent €35 billion to Russia for energy since the start of the war?

“Do you really think Germany has gone far enough fast enough to move away from Russian energy?”

Mr Scholz said: “We are doing all we can and we are doing a lot.

“I think it is a very strong decision we took to go away from the use of fossil resources.

“We invest into becoming the country who will just be using renewables for electricity and energy supply we need.

“This will be with off-shore winds, with wind onshore, it will be solar and we will invest into our grid.”

He continued: “This will take place over approximately 20 years. And this is really a tough agenda.

“Right this week we’ve had a decision in our Cabinet on the first legislation projects that are linked to that because we want to increase the velocity of all these activities and this also means to change a lot of legal restraints we have.”

Mr Johnson praised Germany’s attempts to restructure its gas providers.

Prime Minister: “Bear in mind the huge steps the EU are already taking, that Olaf and Germans are already taking, to move away from oil and gas.

“The dependency has been massive, it’s clearly something that they’re now moving away very fast – I think in the middle of 2024, Germany is going to stop using Russian gas which is quite extraordinary.

“That is going to be done through technological change and progress, and we want to work together with Germany to achieve that.”

Negotiating with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mr Johnson said, “full of promise.”

He added: “I am deeply, deeply sceptical and cynical about his (Putin’s) assurances.”