Macron’s popularity crumbles as France goes into the first round of voting.

Sunday is the first round of voting in France, as right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen closes in on Mr Macron’s crumbling support. The i’s Brussels reporter, Leo Cendrowicz, says Macron’s re-election is “far from assured.” 

Mr Cendrowicz remarked in the publication: “While he is still the clear favourite, the polls have swung over recent months and his lead is shrinking.”

He added: “Mr Macron has recognised the danger.

“Speaking last weekend, at a campaign rally in a 35,000-seat stadium outside Paris, he warned of the risk of a Brexit-style election upset.”

At the gathering, Macron alluded to the UK’s unexpected 2016 EU exit vote. 

Mr Macron addressed a cheering crowd:“Don’t believe the pollsters or the pundits who tell you that it’s impossible, unthinkable, that the election is over, that all will be fine.

“Look at us! Five years ago, they said it was impossible.

“Look at Brexit and so many elections, all that seemed improbable and yet came to pass.

“Nothing is impossible.”

It comes as the margin between Macron and Le Pen narrows. 

The battle looks to be between the two 2017 election finalists. Mr Macron began as the obvious favourite, but recent surveys show him losing momentum to Ms Le Pen. 

The French President leads the polls, but his re-election is far from certain.  Some polls have Marine Le Pen’s win within the margin of error. 

On Friday, a BFM TV poll revealed Marine Le Pen collecting 49 percent of votes in a probable runoff against the president, her greatest polling score ever. 

Sunday is the first round of voting. The top two candidates will face off again on April 24.