Labour’s Yvette cooper offers no plan to change non-dom status, yet continues to criticise Sunak’s wife.

On Sky News this morning, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, was asked whether the Labour Party will get rid of the non-dom status, which was formerly their policy during Jeremy Corbyn’s last Labour Shadow government.

Though the Labour Shadow Home Secretary expressed liberal anger over Rishi Sunak’s wife’s legal tax status, she also had no concrete solution to the non-dom matter, other than to say that her party are looking into it.

Yvette Cooper said it was about moral standards, even if Rishi Sunak’s wife’s tax situation is lawful. When it comes down to it, Labour seems to have plenty of fury as long as it’s directed against the Conservatives, while being hesitant to do anything to match their concern about non-dom status.