Labour’s Yvette Cooper wants to scrap the national Yacht and put the money into policing.

Boris Johnson must ditch plans for a £250 million national flagship and instead spend the money on the police, according to Labour.

The vessel has been dubbed by the left as the PM’s largest vanity project. It will replace the Royal Yacht Britannia, which was decommissioned in 1997.

Yvette Cooper now believes that the funds would be better spent on a  countrywide network of police hubs to address community crime.

According to the shadow Home Secretary: “We need to see police back on our streets working in communities to keep people safe.”

According to the Mirror, a Labour source said: “The Royal Family do not want a new yacht and it would bring no advantage to the Navy. The money saved could fund a new police hub in hundreds of local neighbourhoods next year.”

Labour’s plans are to get police, community support officers, local government officials, and youth workers to form Neighborhood Prevention Teams in each hub.

These officers would focus on minor offences such as graffiti, vandalism, littering, and drug peddling. According to research done by Labour, there are 3,300 annoyance complaints in England and Wales per day.

According to Labour research, just one in three people think the Tories are capable of reducing crime, and Ms Cooper plans to announce her strategy in the coming days as part of Labour’s local election campaign.

Since the Conservatives came to power in 2010, the percentage of people who claim they have never see a police officer has increased from 25 percent to 48 percent. During the pandemic, there were significant increases in reports of antisocial behaviour, with not enough police to investigate the problems.