MELTDOWN – The French left kick off live on air after Marine Le Pen finishes slightly behind Macron, beating all leftist parties. 

The leftists have kicked off as Emmanuel Macron and Marine LePen advanced in the contest for the French President. 

The Socialists, who were formerly a leading party with their leader in the top office as president, earned less than 2% of the vote, causing seething discontent among French leftists. 

This simmering rage erupted on live television after one French politician argued with another. Because Marine LePen remained a near-co-favorite to win, the left is now in a panic, which resulted in a public showdown. 

With Marine LePen being seen as a representative of the average person, Macron now has a major image problem because he is commonly known as a representative of the wealthy.

The leftists who are now supporting Macron have said that they will work to reverse that view. Because it’s clear that leftist parties aren’t very popular, this might work against Macron.