MP found guilty in court for sexually abusing a 15 year-old boy.

On monday a court found former Conservative (now expelled) MP Imran Ahmad Khan guilty for sexually assaulting a boy age 15 back in 2008. 

On Monday, the court heard how he got the minor drunk with gin during a party and then took him upstairs where he showed him pornography and assaulted him. According to the BBC the MP was “reaching for, or actually touching, his groin”.

While the assault was taking place, the 15 year-old said he could hear Mr Khan’s “breathing was getting quite heavy” as he was sexually assaulting him.

According to the Guardian the police were called to the incident at the time but the victim didn’t press charges. When the victim knew his attacker was standing for the general election in 2019 as a Tory candidate this gruesome story was revealed.

The sentence to the crime is yet unknown but if Mr Khan gets more than 12 months jail time, Imran could not stand to be a member of Parliament as he would be banned from doing so. 

Mr Khan strongly denies the charges and has said he will challenge the conviction. While Khan was formerly described as Britain’s first openly homosexual Muslim member of parliament, the Guardian points out that he had previously gone to great measures to conceal his sexuality.

Khan had claimed unsuccessfully before the trial that being exposed as a homosexual Muslim guy who drinks alcohol would jeopardise his life.

Following the ruling on Monday, the Labour Party urged for Khan to resign immediately. On Monday evening, he was expelled from the Conservative Party.