While the media go bat-s***-crazy over fines being given to Boris and Rishi, the question has to be asked, why are the opposition politicians not being investigated?

With the opposition parties in uproar after finding out that both Rishi and Boris have been fined by the police for breaching COVID rules over lockdown, the question has to be asked, are the opposition parties any better?

After the heat of party-gate scandals was dampened down by the war in Ukraine, its ugly head has now risen once again just before the May elections. Unfortunately, this is perfect timing for the left’s goal of getting rid of Boris Johnson at the height of the election campaign.

As the outpouring of hypocritical rage and anger from the opposition parties is spread all over the mainstream media, they also are not brighter than white.

If you cast your mind back, Labour Leader, Keir Starmer, was caught on camera enjoying a late night lock-in with his work colleagues during an election campaign which took place in May 2020. During lockdown, we had SNP MPs travelling from London to Scotland after knowing they had COVID during lockdown.

We also had many MP’s pictured visiting family members and taking part in protests during lockdown. We could go on. The question is why are these incidents not being investigated as well?

I know it’s not nice seeing Boris and other MP’s holding parties while the rest of us were adhering to lockdown rules, but we’ve always known it’s one rule for (elite) MP’s and another for the rest of us. Is it a shock this happened? Not really. Did we expect better? Yes we did.

Then we come to the question of what to do now that we have found out what went on. Are the opposition parties any good? In my honest opinion, no, they are not. Are the minor parties ready for office? Maybe not, but they would be worth backing to kick all the establishment parties for what they have done.

The biggest question people will now be battling with is, can you trust and back the Tories after they made the COVID rules and were knowingly breaking the same rule with their presence at these parties?

One thing is for certain, people don’t like hypocrite politicians, but it seems the majority don’t like the lefty woke opposition agenda either. If push came to shove, I do think Boris would be back to be leader compare to Labours Starmer. What’re your thoughts on this?