Boris Johnsons cabinet fights back against the lawbreaking hypocritical left, who are pushing for the resignation of the PM.

Boris Johnson’s Cabinet fights back against the lawbreaking, hypocritical left, who are pushing for the resignation of the PM. 

As the same lefty politicians start to call for the resignation of the Prime Minister, there is a fight back from cabinet ministers in defence of Boris Johnson.

During an interview on Sky News the Transport Secretary led the fight back against what seemed to be a perfectly timed and co-ordinated release of the details on who got the fines from the police. Was this to cause mass political embarrassment just before the May election?

The conservative MP Grant Shapps said the PM was “completely mortified” after getting the fine but retained that he “didn’t knowingly break the law”. Mr Shapps was asked if he thought the PM is still an honourable man, Grant didn’t hesitate to reply “I do.”

“People judge somebody in the round, how they do the job overall. I’m not saying that the Prime Minister isn’t a flawed individual. We are all flawed in different ways.

“The question is did someone set out to do these things with malice and overall is he doing a good job as Prime Minister? Which is why I do think it’s relevant how he performs the rest of his job, the rest of his task. He made a mistake. It’s embarrassing. It’s stupid, the Prime Minister is mortified about it but I think there is a big job for him to get on and do on behalf of the British people.”

Another MP who has come out strongly for the PM was Jacob Rees-Mogg, who said on Talk Radio this morning that Boris Johnson is one of the greatest leaders of this country and it is in the “national interest” of the UK that Boris remains as Prime Minister.

While politicians on the left call for Boris Johnson’s removal, it appears that many of them passed laws restricting our freedoms while breaking the law themselves. Cast your mind back to Labour’s Barry Gardiner who received hundreds of thousands of pounds from a CCP spy who attended a BLM protest to take the knee in London after he voted for others to socially distance.

How about Labour leader Keir Starmer, who held a lock-in while campaigning in the Hartlepool by-election, or Labour Stephen Kinnock, who went to Durham during lockdown to visit his mother and father?

The left appears to be pouring out moral platitudes in the hope of making political gain when they themselves broke rules that they voted on in parliament and got away with it. Surely, if Boris is investigated, so should the others.