Boris Johnson prepares for a lefty backlash after the government plans to send those who come to the UK illegally to Rwanda for processing.  

Boris Johnson announced his new plan for dealing with migrants who enter the UK illegally, whether by air or sea, this afternoon. His aim is to deport anyone who enter the UK unlawfully to Rwanda, an African country, for processing.

This announcement will definitely ruffle the feathers of the left and anti-border laywers, who will fight tooth and nail to keep illegal migrants from going to Rwanda. Boris said that the world now has over “80 million displaced migrants” and that “Britain cannot be the haven for all of them.”

These measures, according to Boris, will not be implemented overnight, and the left will most likely challenge them in court.

The Prime Minister went on to challenge people who oppose the proposals to be bold and honest about their support for mass open borders in the UK, which Boris claims is not popular in the country.

Priti Patel also spoke at a news conference, stating that she fully supports the government’s intentions. The Home Secretary remarked during the press conference:

“This agreement illustrates that we can no longer accept the status quo. People are dying and the global migration crisis requires new ways to find new partnerships and to find new solutions.

“It will also deal a major blow to the evil people smugglers. We know that this will not be easy. We know that we will face challenges along the way.”