David Lammy, the condescending Labour MP, loses his cool with a schoolteacher for daring to endorse the Prime Minister, saying, “I’m jolly pleased that you don’t teach my kids.”

During a heated exchange between a secondary school teacher and Labour MP David Lammy, the Labour MP mocked the teacher for daring to back Boris Johnson at a time when the left are attempting to oust the PM.

When Lammy tried to demean and attempt to make the teacher look bad for supporting the PM, the teacher didn’t seem bothered and kept going with the conversation.

You could tell that Lammy was getting wound up because he couldn’t convince the school teacher to change her mind and hate on the PM Minister. 

Labours Lammy started to publicly get short with the secondary school teacher named Laura and ended the conversation by saying “”im jolly pleased that you don’t teach my kids.”

How can this self-righteous guy be elected to the House of Commons when he has no time for anyone else’s viewpoint except his own? This is a wonderful illustration of what an arrogant Labour Party would look like in power.