Former UK Border Force chief states Boris Johnson’s plan to send illegal migrants on a one-way trip to Rwanda “is an absolute winner.”

After Boris Johnson unveiled his plan to send illegal migrants that come to the UK on a one-way flight to Rwanda for processing, the former UK Border Force Calais Chief said Boris Johnson’s plan was “an absolute winner.”

In an interview with GB News, Kevin Saunders said: “It’s what we have been saying needs to happen for the last couple of years. The prime minister has paid attention and he’s brought it in. It will work. It’s a very very good idea.”

The GB News presenter then stated the obstacles in the way, saying: “Human rights groups are already lining up to say that this is cruel and inhuman. That they will challenge this in the courts.”

“Is it even going to get off the ground?”

The Former Border Force chief said: “It will get off the ground. The government lawyers will defend it. I’m not an expert on human rights, I’m an expert on immigration, and this is the way forward.”