Labour’s David Lammy clashes with caller who wants to ban all migrants who come to Britain illegally from claiming asylum.

The left has been spinning in its seats since Boris stated that he will push for proposals to fly illegal migrants who enter the UK illegally on a one-way flight to Rwanda for processing.

During an LBC interview, Labour’s David Lammy argued with a caller who was opposed to people breaking the law to enter the UK and was fully supportive of the PM’s intentions.

A genuine refugee, according to the caller, would seek asylum in the first safe country they came across, rather than passing through many countries to come to Britain and then seeking asylum once they were in the country illegally.

David Lammy, a Labour MP and advocate of open borders, stated that lawbreakers should not be denied asylum in the United Kingdom. Instead, he supports individuals who come to the UK to seek refuge by any means necessary (even breaking the law).

As Boris stated yesterday, it’s a pity that members of the opposition don’t have the courage to openly declare their support for open borders, which is widely opposed by the British public.