Lord Frost tell MEP Guy Verhofstadt to keep nose out of UK affairs and ”concentrate” on the EU.

Pro EU superstate supporting Guy Verhofstadt has been told to keep his nose out of UK affairs and “concentrate on governing” the EU.

Former Brexit Secretary Lord Frost sent this message over Twitter after the former Belgian PM and current MEP Guy Verhofstadt slammed Boris Johnson’s idea of sending those who illegally come to the UK on a one-way trip to Rwanda.

Mr Verhofstadt said: “UK doesn’t do its part to for Ukrainians, now wants to send desperate refugees to Rwanda!”

To this Tweet, Lord David Frost didn’t hold back and socked it to him. Lord Frost wrote: “I wish people like @guyverhofstadt would concentrate on governing their own countries and the EU, which is their job, instead of constantly telling us how we should run ours.”

To top it off, Pro-Brexit group, the Bruges group, also gave a piece of their mind, saying that migrants were “desperately fleeing the glorious EU?”

It’s amazing that so long after we left the EU, their supporters still try and tell the UK what to do.