Ben Bradley MP destroys Gary Neville after the ex-footballer and Labour member criticised the PM’s plan to tackle illegal Migration.

Gary Neville, a former Manchester United and England player, took to Instagram to criticise Boris Johnson’s idea to put refugees unlawfully crossing the English Channel to Britain on a one-way trip to Rwanda for processing.

On Instagram Gary wrote: “We’re sending people who try to seek a safe life here in the UK to Rwanda? Is that what we’re doing? Lower than low we are at the top!”

His remark drew mixed reactions, but one MP sent the former player packing. In a long response, Conservative MP Ben Bradley dismantled Gary Neville’s reasoning, revealing his disconnect from ordinary people.

The Tory MP wrote: “Easy for a millionaire ex-footballer to say, because of course he doesn’t have to rely on public services that are impacted and put under strain by uncontrolled migration.”

“Gary Neville isn’t struggling to access his GP. His kids haven’t been unable to get a place in their local school. He doesn’t live in an area that has experienced difficult social and cultural challenges due to mass migration in the early ’00s. These illegal migrants aren’t moving in to gated communities in Cheshire!”

“He can afford to say ‘let everyone in’, because he doesn’t have to deal with the impact of doing it. It’s normal working people who have to deal with it.”

“I’m all for supporting those fleeing war, to the point where I am personally responsible for managing some elements of the Ukraine schemes, but these illegal migrants crossing the channel are fleeing… France!”

“They have crossed multiple safe nations to get there. They are largely single men, who have left
any women and children behind in their home country.”

“They are illegal, economic migrants.
Meanwhile Rwanda is one of Africa’s most advanced and prosperous nations. Gary betrays both his unwillingness to examine or question the reality here, and his stereotypical view of Africa as some poor, backwards country.”

“Ironically, it’s often these kind of assumptions about places like Rwanda, things that just aren’t true, that betray the underlying racism of the left… the assumption that because its an African country everyone must be living like a Children In Need advert. Gary is wrong on all counts.”

This reaction to Gary’s post received a lot of positive feedback from individuals who fully agreed with the MP.   Gary Neville has been an outspoken opponent of Prime Minister Boris Johnson since joining the Labour Party. Those who formerly followed his football career have had mixed reactions to his politics.