Left Wing Keir Starmer calls on the government to place injunctions on Lefty Eco Warriors Just Stop Oil.

The UKs left-wing Labour Party has condemned eco-warriors’ blockades of oil depots amid rising costs and numerous claims of fuel shortages.  

The UK’s energy crisis has been made worse by the Ukraine war, Russian sanctions, two years of coronavirus lockdowns, and the government’s failed green agenda. This has seen petrol stations across the country regularly running out of fuel.  

As a time consuming tactic, Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil have been glueing themselves in front of oil terminals to further disrupt the supply chain.

Instead of condemning the climate change radicals, Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party called on the government to crack down on them.   After notoriously going down on one knee in keen support of the violent Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, Sir Keir commented on the oil depot blockades: “The government must stop standing idly by and immediately impose injunctions to put an end to this disruption.”  

Starmer added: “On the Conservatives’ watch, drivers are being hammered by rising petrol prices, and now millions of motorists can’t access fuel.”  

This was said by Starmer even though his party has got us in a position where we partly rely on foreign powers for our domestic energy.