Mainstream media ready themselves to continue their pursuit to oust Boris Johnson from office.

Some lawmakers have asked for the PM’s resignation over party gate fines, according to quotations from interviews aired by Sky News. The political producer for the broadcaster published a document on Twitter showing the quotes.

In part, the tweet said: “13 MPs now publicly questioning the PM’s future since the party fine.”

“7 calling for him to go right away. Still a long way to 54.”

“Big week in Westminster as No10 battle to keep these numbers low.”

Even though receiving cake and a hot drink is hardly a celebration, the met police, under the control of Sadiq Khan have yet to discover who released the details of this fine, leading some to suspect it was a political hit job intended to publicly disgrace and embarrass Boris Johnson ahead of the May local elections.

Why is the media not questioning where the leak came from? Is that not newsworthy enough? Or does it run against their agenda of wanting to oust Boris Johnson?

The opposition leader, Keir Starmer, who also voted for the implementation of lockdown restrictions, hasn’t been probed despite having been seen on film enjoying a lock-in party with take-away food and alcohol. Where is the fairness in this? Or again, does this go against the media’s narrative which is to oust the PM.