Union have a hissy-fit after Boris Johnson calls for civil servants to return to their desks.

As a result of Boris’s call for Whitehall government workers to be back at their desks, unions are outraged. 

The PM wants Whitehall to be fully occupied so that it can properly operate and assist the nation in recovering from the pandemic. Some public officials and the civil servants’ union have taken issue with Boris’s assertion that we must accept covid as a fact of life. 

A crackdown on individuals who still wish to work from home has enraged the establishment in the public service. In addition, Mr Rees-Mogg has begun naming and shaming department heads who have failed to do enough to put people to work in Whitehall. 

The Telegraph reports that just 25 percent of the department’s employees are present, with the remainder working from home because they refuse to go to work. 

The Department of Education has a 25% attendance rate, while the Department of Work and Pensions has a 31% rate.

For individuals who don’t show up to work, the Health Secretary was contemplating taking away some of their pay known as the “London weight salary.”  

73% of the Department of Trade and Industry are at their desks, with 72% for the Department of Health, and 69% for the Cabinet Office. 

General Secretary Dave Penman of the FDA blasted the action, calling it “vindictive” and said it was out of sync with private sector.

Mr Penman said: “There is no rationale for this. Ministers can’t point to productivity losses, which is why it’s always anonymous sources making the insulting accusations.”

“Ministers’ obsession with ending flexible working and micro-managing the Civil Service increasingly just looks vindictive.

“Jacob Rees-Mogg is the Minister for Government Efficiency, yet that isn’t even a consideration in his correspondence with ministers.

“The private sector has embraced hybrid working, recognising the efficiencies it delivers and competitive edge it gives to employers in a tight labour market.

“Meanwhile, the Luddites in Cabinet insist on micro-managing the Civil Service, which will only deter good people from joining while simultaneously demotivating those already there.”

A spokesperson from the PM’s office said: “The Cabinet were updated by the minister for Brexitopportunities and government efficiency on figures showing the proportion of civil servants working in departments.

“He said face-to-face working provided clear benefits, both to staff and to the public and that it was important all departments took action to return to the pre-pandemic position of full occupancy.

“The Prime Minister agreed, and encouraged ministers and their departments to do everything possible to speed up the return of more civil servants into the office.”

The PM’s spokesperson finished by saying: “We recognise that flexible working, compressed hours will remain pat of modern working… but the function of the way the civil service is set up is there are more civil servants than there are desks. It does not necessarily require everyone is in work every single day.”