Conveniently timed investigation triggered into Marine Le Pen by the EU fraud agency just days before she faces off with Emmanuel Macron in the French Presidential election.

A report by the European Union’s fraud agency accuses French right-wing presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and other members of her nationalist party of squandering public money while sitting in the European Parliament, according to Paris prosecutors.

The research was made public by Mediapart, a French investigative news site, two days before Le Pen confronts President Emmanuel Macron in a runoff election on Sunday that may decide Europe’s future course. National Rally, Le Pen’s party, aims to weaken the EU’s authority.

Le Pen denied the claims, calling the allegation “foul play by the European Union a few days before the second round of the election.” “I am well accustomed to this,” she said Monday at a campaign trip in Normandy. “I think the French will absolutely not fall for it.”